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I would like to change the IP address used when emailing for all accounts which does not have a dedicated IP address. The default mail IP is that of the shared IP for the server, I would like to keep the shared IP the same for all accounts but for mail I want to assign a different IP (which we can change periodically should that IP get blacklisted).

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Follow these steps to change the outgoing mail IP address:

1. Log into WHM and go to the 'Exim Configuration Manager'
     You can find it easily by searching it in the search box at top left of the panel.

2. Search for Reference and enable "Reference /etc/mailips for custom IP on outgoing SMTP connections"
     Now set it  "ON"  and click "Save"

3. Login server as root & edit following file
     [root@server ~]# nano /etc/mailips
     Once file open put following details , here XXXXXX is your new IP for sending mail

That's it you need to do .
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